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vacuum massage

improves blood circulation,

sculpts & lifts the face

blood vessels (capillaries) deliver 3 vital things to the skin:

air (oxygen) to breath,

water to drink,

food (nutrients) to eat. 

this is why it is so important to take a good care of capillaries..

1. restores capillaries

tight muscles may pinch capillaries → they become unable to work (deliver food, water or air to the skin)

in areas where capillaries were damaged skin may look unhealthy

(it is starving, gasping and is very thirsty )

massage restores capillaries

complexion improves

skin looks healthy and glowing

2. improves blood circulation

massage activates blood flow → blood vessels deliver huge amounts of

food, water and air to the skin

3. reduces puffiness

just like lymphatic drainage:

it also removes excess liquid from the face

lifting effect

face looks slimmer

4. relaxing

*5. warning 

tiny red dots may appear (it is normal; dots disappear in 2 days).

6. optional 

could be done as a part of a "face massages course"


performed as a separate "vacuum massage course" 

(7-11 treatments, done every 1-3 days)


vacuum cup massage

"My skin did get slighly bruised but within 12 hours my skin was amazing! My whole face had tightened and my jawline more defined! Amazing!"

"Even after 1 session my skin looks refreshed. Highly recommended."



5 day




reduce wrinkles
relax tense muscles



less puffiness

slimmer, lifted face



Smooth forehead

in under 25 minutes

* You don`t have to decide which massage to book, we can decide together on your first visit. Just book your first session, that`s all!

** WHAT IS vacuum cup MASSAGE?

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