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Muscle massage

reduce wrinkles


relax tense muscles

rejuvenating deep tissue face massage

(face tissue analysis)

1. relieves pain & tension


relaxes tight, stressed muscles;

Removes tension in the face 

(around eyes, in the jaw, forehead and temporal areas); 

reduces tension headaches

releases knots in tight muscles

lip corners

lines between eyebrows

wrinkly lips

nasolabial fold

3. improves blood circulation


skin gets more food, water and oxygen;

it`s colour improves

2. reduces wrinkles


(Anti-ageing massage)
Forehead lines are removed in 5 - 10 minutes.

we also work on:

lines between eyebrows

nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds)

wrinkly lips

lowered lip corners

horizontal chin crease

4. lifts


if accompanied by Lymph Massage, it will also

lift, sculpt and slim down the face

1st step


wrinkles, tension, puffiness are all created by muscles (not skin)

therefore Muscle Massage is the 1st step towards healthy, beautiful and pain free face


muscle massage

"Felt like i just had a full body massage. Extremely relieving!"

"While bits were uncomfortable, my face felt so much more relaxed afterwards. I could genuinely see a difference, my lines were less pronounced."

"I never considered my face muscles were so tense. It hurt in certain areas but the relief and relaxation afterwards was amazing."

"Alina was really good at relieving tension and stiffness in my face.. Towards the end I fell asleep a couple of times."

"My forehead felt and looked smoother immediately afterwards."



5 day


jaw /



relieves tension & pain in jaw

reduces nose to mouth line



less puffiness

slimmer, lifted face



Smooth forehead

in under 25 minutes

* You don`t have to decide which massage to book, we can decide together on your first visit. Just book your first session, that`s all!


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