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all facial structures are targeted:






anti-ageing FACE MASSAGES

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face ageing.

lip corners down

lines between eyebrows

wrinkly lips

nasolabial line

crows feet



tense muscles create wrinkles (lines on forehead and between eyebrows, "crow`s feet" around eyes, nose to mouth lines and even pull our lip corners down).

to remove certain wrinkles, we need to restore (relax) corresponding muscles.

Forehead lines removed in 5 minutes (no Botox, just

by massaging/relaxing forehead muscle).

Also, muscles may create a lot of tension and pain in the face.

more about muscles and how they impact our face read on "muscle massage" page.

tense / painful jaw (tmj).


unique massage and certain stretches are able to finally relax the jaw, relieve tension, pain and headaches in seconds (permanent relaxation achieved in ~3 weeks)

night guards protect our teeth, but not able to relax jaw, relieve pain or even stop us from grinding

(clenching continues, more tension builds up)

tight jaw (clenching habit) may even cause puffiness, swollen eyes, square shaped jaw line.


more about muscles of mastication on "intraoral massage" page.



lymph constantly flows out of our face

(removing all unnecessary stuff).

tense muscles may block normal lymph outflow, forcing it to accumulate in various places. depending on where the drain was blocked we may get swollen eyelids, puffy cheeks, double chin, etc.

more about lymph drainage and puffiness read on "lymph massage" page.



we all need 3 things:

air to breath

water to drink

food to eat

skin also needs it. to ensure that our skin is not gasping, thirsty and starving (thus does not look unhealthy), we have to make sure that delivery of oxygen, moisture and nutrients works well.

it is crucial to keep capillaries healthy and strong.

more about blood circulation on "vacuum cup massage" page.



as we age, skull loses its volume & 

bones shift to the centre.

it makes eyes smaller (narrow).

also, bones shift, get stuck and may create a lot of tension, especially in areas of eyes and sinuses.

more about bone massage and how skull impacts our appearance read on "bone massage" page.

where to start?


there is no need to decide which treatment to have (we will decide together on the day)

just book your first appointment.



just before your very first treatment we will decide which treatment would meet your needs the best (based on your wishes and my observations).

most likely we will begin with muscle massage.

it clearly shows us what happens to your face now and what is going to happen/appear soon. thus, we know what to do next.

another reason> tense muscles:

create wrinkles

block normal lymph outflow (promote puffiness)

pinch capillaries (worse blood circulation)

may cause tension, pain, headaches.

so, first of all we need to restore muscles.

p.s. massage could be slightly painful.

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