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At the age of 19 I noticed puffiness under my eyes. I first bought quite an expensive cream (I thought: the more expensive, the more effective it is). But very soon I realised that cosmetics has no effect. Then I listened to controversial opinions of various therapists. Internet was (and is) full of solutions and recipes that even sound silly. So I decided to study the face; study its every cell, every muscle (the same way I once became a Personal trainer to understand what are the most effective exercises, what is actually healthy to eat and what is just a myth).
- Traveled 8 countries, learned over 20 face massage techniques;
- Went to College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM, London) to study how nutrition affects our skin and its ageing;
- Founded Facial Gym® (London, 2013). There are no needles, cosmetic products or any machines in the treatment room;
- Treatments target all 5 facial structures (muscles, bones, skin, blood and lymph vessels);
- Worked on more than 2000 faces, had over 14000 hours of practice;
- All "Before and After" results were achieved in 5-30 minutes;
- Facial Gym got "Top Rated" status on Treatwell every year;
- Workshops and seminars are held in London and Moscow.
Instagram blog in English: @facialgym
Instagram blog in Russian: @burayaalina
Founder of Facial Gym®
Workshops and seminars
Wrinkles on forehead. Nose to mouth lines. Face sculpting.
Nasolabial fold massage
↑Various techniques combined (50 min) ↓Client performed self massage (2 weeks)
Professional facial at home (step-by-step)
Forehead wrinkles massage
Smooth forehead achieved in 5-25 minutes * no cosmetics or injections used
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