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frequently asked questions



simple or detailed

5 for £250 or £300 + back and neck massage (beginners only; use in 2 months)

any is £60 (rest via email)

£60 + £40 to learn

Who is the therapist?


Alina is excellent. She really knows her stuff and works hard to get your face in great shape. I cannot recommend her enough.

Alina really takes care of you, explains to you what the treatment involves, the benefits, each step is explained fully. I'm so happy I came here, going to bring my mum next time.

Alina was superb. So friendly, and extremely knowledgable. She made me feel completely at ease.​

my 1st app. which massage?

individually tailored. no need to choose

products used?

shall i remove make up?

how many sessions; how often; try all?

2 people massage?

why massage not skin/facial?

Why relax not exercise?

how become tense?

why painful; and only when massaged?

wrinkles explained.

why massages?

why not cosmetics (creams and masks) and facials?

Everyone tells us that all wrinkles, puffiness, sagginess and other ageing signs appear because of skin (it ages, loses its Collagen and elastin fibers, etc.)

In reality, skin is so tiny if we compare it with other structures of our face:

bones (skull) & muscles which create frame;

lymph and blood vessels;

skin just covers it all.

in simple words:

muscles create wrinkles. lymph creates puffiness.

skin is responsible for:

pigmentation, redness, dryness or oiliness, pores and various skin diseases. it can not make our cheeks puffier and twice as big.


all cosmetics only work with skin. it helps us to get even skin colour, clean pores, reduce dryness and irritation, etc. but even the most expensive cream could not remove forehead wrinkles, double chin which are mainly made by muscles and lymph. 

this is where massages come in to help us.