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Skin 4

If you want to have young and healthy skin, you need to follow 3 rules.

Retire grannies on time! Otherwise, skin may develop uneven texture and unhealthy colour + skin care products will struggle to penetrate.

Regularly activate/stimulate/wake up the cells of the 1st floor, so they constantly produce decent amounts of new cells to keep skin fresh and strong.

Regularly activate/stimulate/wake up Fibroblasts (daddy of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid).

And here is the list of the most powerful stimulators:

1) Vitamin A / retinol;
2) vitamin C;
3) acids.

This is why we can often see them in the adverts as well as on the jars of our creams and masks :)

(!) Whenever you want to get an anti-ageing effect from the cream, make sure it contains at least one of these stimulators.
Thus, if you have a choic between cream with Collagen and cream with vitamin C, choose the 2nd option.

Collagen and Hyaluronic acid in a cream are able to comfortably moisturize the SURFACE of the skin, BUT they are NOT able to stimulate the 1st floor of Epidermis or Fibroblasts, thus, they dont have anti-ageing properties.
And in most cases their molecules in creams are too big to get any deeper than the 5th floor!

It is also important to use these 3 leaders from the inside: consume with food.

For example, try to regularly add food rich in vitamin C to your diet (yellow pepper, strawberries, broccoli, citruses, etc.).

Google the top 10 of products rich in each of these stimulators and add them to your everyday menu.
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