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Do we need to know anatomy?

Why do we need to know the anatomy of the face? Why is theory more important than practice (exercises, massage techniques, etc.)?

Let’s say we want to make a passion fruit cheesecake, but we dont know how the passion fruit looks like.

We go to the market and hope someone can help us.

But.. since we don’t know:
* how passion fruit looks like
* how much it costs
* what a ripe fruit feels or smells like…
the man at the market could give us any fruit or even vegetable and ask 3 times more money than it actually costs.

So, we grab whatever we were sold (lets say it was an exotic vegetable instead of a passion fruit) and make a cake from it. Two scenarios can follow:
1. Cake will be disgusting and we’ll believe that not only the recipe failed but that the "passion fruit" is not good at all
2. The combination of the exotic vegetable and cream cheese will be decent and from now on we’ll believe that passion fruit tastes like a.. boiled potato, for example.

The morale of this story is this - if we don’t know what the skin is like and what it actually needs, we will either blindly follow every commercial and buy all the products or give up on skin care completely.

Let’s not allow anyone to fool us and start to get to know the skin and its needs, so that we can independently decide what products or treatments we actually need or if we need them at all.

The first lesson of "Wrinkles & Puffiness school" is free. It is a 15 minutes long lecture about Skin and its inhabitants, and I believe it will be the most interesting anatomy lesson you ever had :) Just follow this link:
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