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- Skin, cleansing done! Whats next?

- Skin, cleansing done! Whats next?
- Pat your skin dry, don’t let any moisture evaporate on its own.
- With a towel?
- You can use that or a paper tissue.
- And after that?
- Use a toner.
- I remember you said its good, but I can’t recall why..
- There is an "oily film" on top of the skin. It protects it from nasties and doesn’t let the moisture evaporate. While cleansing, we wash some of it off too. So use a toner to help this film to recover so that you don’t lose too much moisture because of the holes in the film.
- Ah, yes! My skin feels dry and tight when I forget to use a toner!
- Aha!
- What’s the best method of applying a toner? With a cotton pad?
- Yes, thats a good option! It will also show you if I am completely clean or not. But if you’re already sure that I am clean, you can use a toner without a cotton pad.
- How’s that?
- Just like men apply their aftershave - with hands! Pour some in your palms and spread it over the face.
- I’m afraid that I’ll run out of the toner too quickly this way!
- In that case the most economical and quick (lazy) way is to get a spray bottle. You will only need to spray 3 times and you are done. Just don’t forget to rub the toner into the skin. Don’t let ANY liquid dry on your face on its own.
- But my toner is not in the spray bottle.
- Most of them are like that. Just buy a little glass bottle with a spray nozzle and use it for toners. And you could also take it with you when you travel.
- How do I choose the best toner?
- Don’t overthink it, just find the one that works for you in terms of price, smell, brand, reviews, etc. Try a few. But any toner will restore my "oily film", thats all I need.
By the way, "European toners" are just like water, but "Korean toners" are a bit thicker (like a light, watery gel) + they usually have a light moisturising effect. Just try and see what you like more :)
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