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Skin 2

SKIN. Part 2.

So, to keep the top (3rd) layer of skin healthy and young for as long as possible, we need to follow 2 rules.

The 1st rule is associated with the 5th floor: it is crucial to retire grannies on time or we may develop skin with uneven texture and unhealthy colour + it will make it harder for our skin care products to penetrate.

2nd rule is associated with the 1st floor.

Inhabitants of the Epidermis move from the 1st to the 5th floor in approximately 28 days.
The older we get, the slower they move.
The whole journey may become 2-3 times longer.
It means that instead of having 28 days old grannies on the 5th floor, we have 42 or even 72 days old nans!
As a result, our skin does not look as fresh and young anymore..

Inhabitants of the 1st also become less active and produces less inhabitants, making skin thinner and more fragile.

So, the 2nd rule in order to keep skin young and fresh is to regularly activate/stimulate/wake up the cells of the 1st floor, so they constantly produce decent amounts of new cells which will keep our skin fresh and strong.
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