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Tape. Yes or no?

- Skin, what colour tape would you like? Pink or green?
- What tape?
- The one we stick on the face. Remember the two girls on the tube talking about it?
- Ahah, - the skin laughed.
- Why are you laughing?
- Why do you need tape?
- Emm.. to get rid of the forehead wrinkles? Look younger?
- Do you think it is what your forehead really needs?
- Well… the other day forehead muscle asked me to use it only in particularly surprising or emotional situations, not all the time. So that it does not have to work while I am reading, have a conversation, write reports or deal with everyday problems.
- See, you remember! So why do you need tape?
- To… so I can…
- Yes?
- I don’t know. Everyone is talking about it and I fell for the hype.
- Alina, tape will not save you from wrinkles. If you stick it on and keep making faces, what do you think will happen?
- Nothing…
- Exactly! But there is something the tape can help with.
- What’s that?
- Do you remember that it was pretty challenging to get rid of the frowning habit or even notice you are doing it?
- Yeah...
- So if you attached a tape to your forehead, it would help you to "catch" every contraction. It could make you a bit more aware of your habits.
- So it does not fix the actual wrinkles, it just helps to get rid of the habit, right?
- Indeed.
- But why do some people say that they have smoother faces after tape applications?
- Well it’s not exactly comfortable to scrunch your face up with the tape on. This leads to fewer muscle contractions and a more relaxed forehead.
- Aha! So what difference does the colour of the tape make?
- None at all, but I think lilac would suit us best.
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