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Sun protection creams


To help the guards of our skin protect us from Sun we should use sunscreen. These creams contain either chemical filters or physical or both.

1. Chemical filters penetrate into the skin. Think of them as of little puppies which run around Epidermis house and try to catch and eat all the Sun rays, thus preventing any Sun damage.

2. Physical filters work as a foil- when applied on the skin, they stay on the surface and simply reflect all the Sun rays.

Thats all :)

Cream protects our skin, so guards can stay calm- there is no need in throwing protective umbrellas to the surface of the skin, thus skin colour does not change (did you notice that after applying SPF 50 it is nearly impossible to tan?).

But.. It is not that simple. These little puppies may turn into dangerous, angry dogs who do more harm than good; but foil could be easily destroyed. In the next post I will reveal how to prevent that.
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