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Wrinkles that are made by us:

Wrinkles that are made by us:
* forehead lines;
* wrinkles between eyebrows;
* marionette lines.

FOREHEAD wrinkles ONLY appear if we have a habit of frowning (raising eyebrows). It usually happens while we:
* apply mascara and eye shadows;
* talk to someone.

Creases between BROWS ONLY set in if we have a habit of frowning (bringing brows together). It usually happens when we:
* stare at the phone;
* work at the computer;
* forget sunglasses when out in the Sun.

MARIONETTE lines ONLY appear if we have a habit of:
* pursing lips (at the end of a phrase, for example);
* forcing a smile;
* biting nails, lips, cheeks, pen etc.

If you have any of the above lines but you’re convinced you’re free of any of these habits then.. you’re wrong. You just are not aware of those habits yet.


1. Technique "Friend"
Ask a friend/mum/child/etc to observe you for an hour. EVERY time you frown or do anything with your mouth and lip area (except eating and talking, of course) ask them to tell you or pinch you. This will help you to realise what habits you have and how often you do them.

2. Technique "Video - mirror"
Use your main phone camera (not the one for selfies) and film yourself talking for a few minutes. Tell yourself a short story and then watch the footage to see how you speak (whether you frown, purse lips etc). Afterwards tell yourself the same story but this time in front of a mirror trying to avoid those habits.

Believe it or not but there are no other causes to these wrinkles. It’s all because of our unconscious habits. We make these little muscles work all the time without even realising it.
Leave them alone and new creases won’t be able to form (usually it takes 3-7 days t get rid of those habits).

Good luck!
And remember: these wrinkles depend on YOU, nothing else. So.. you have 2 options:
1) monitor habits and try to get rid of them in up to a week;
2) observe how these lines develop and get deeper every year.
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