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- Skin, could a pillow create wrinkles?

- Skin, could a pillow create wrinkles?
- No.
- But people say…
- I know.. But let’s look at eyebrows as an example. There’s a small muscle at the beginning of each eyebrow. When you contract them (frown), they move closer to each other making the area between eyebrows crease. Once you relax your eyebrows, this area smoothes out again.
- Hmm.. It does not really smooth out.. I can still see a crease.
- Yes, because you’ve been frowning and contracting your eyebrows too much so the muscle is now tired and can’t fully relax again.
- And the crease stays…
- Exactly.
- So what about pillows?
- As you’ve just learned, real, proper, permanent wrinkles and creases will only appear if you’ve got into the habit of contracting some certain muscles too much.
- Okay…
- Now tell me - why do you think you woke up with a crease this morning? Did you frown all night long?
- No, my muscles were resting, too. I even woke up with a trail of slobber on my pillow…
- See, if the crease is made by something other than your muscles, it’s not ‘real’ and is only temporary.
- Does this mean I can sleep with my face smushed into the pillow?
- You can, although if you ever sleep in less wrinkling positions I will only be happy. But don’t worry if not, because as I said - real and permanent wrinkles and creases are not your pillows fault.
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