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Skin 3

SKIN. Part 3.

I have introduced you to the 5 floor building Epidermis. Today we are going to talk about the 2nd and main skin layer- Dermis. It is located just under the Epidermis (look at the carousel).

Imagine a thick, soft gel mattress. Dermis is where all Super Stars of skin live: Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid and their daddy Fibroblast.

A real Strongman! In Dermis (mattress) it plays a role of a supportive pole, since even 1mm thick fibre can withstand a load of 10 kg! And thats only one fibre Collagen, but there are thousands of them: 80% of Fibroblast`s kids are Collagen fibres.

A skillful acrobat! It is thinner and less durable than Collagen, but able to stretch by extra 50% AND return to its normal position (just like spring or rubber band). Thanks to Elastin our skin does not crease like a paper when we bend our neck, for example. Elastin makes Dermis more elasticitic and flexible.

Brothers Collagen and Elastin take a great care of their home and intertwine to create a solid, but flexible "supportive net" in the Dermis.

Absorbs liquid like a sponge, turns it into gel and grows up to 1000 times bigger! It is a filling of Dermis and makes it very soft.

That's all! Fibroblast is a really wise parent! It makes their home Dermis:
* strong and durable thanks to strongman Collagen;
* flexible and elastic due to the acrobat Elastin;
* soft thanks to Hyaluronic acid.

But as we age, Fibroblast loses its activity, becomes lazy and produce smaller amounts of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid :(

In order for our skin to remain as healthy and young for as long as possible, we need to regularly stimulate not only the 1st floor of the Epidermis, but also the Fibroblasts.
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