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Forehead can talk, too

- Relax me please!
- Who’s there?
- Alina, please, relax me! It’s your forehead. I really need a break!
- What? What forehead? I think I need to go to bed, I’m getting delirious.
- Alina, you’re okay, you’re not imagining things! You really are hearing my voice. I’m not meant to talk to you but I can’t take this anymore. I’m so tired! I already have two wrinkles because of you. I’m too young for this…
- Well, I’m not 18 anymore, you know. Skin on the forehead can’t stay perfect forever and clearly it’s starting to age now. And it’s perfectly normal because my mum got wrinkles young too. It’s hereditary!- Alina argued with some doubt in her voice.
- Turn your computer on and let’s get to know each other.- It was clear from the forehead’s tone of voice that he was starting to smile. Although can foreheads really smile?
- In the search bar please type ‘frontalis’ or ‘forehead muscle’. See the big, beautiful muscle that covers the whole area?
- The one with vertical stripes?
- It’s fibers, not stripes! But yes, that’s me. It looks like I’m made of two different parts, almost a heart shape. Aren’t I so beautiful?
The boastful forehead looked nothing like a heart in the somewhat creepy photos, but Alina did not want to upset him so she agreed that he was the most beautiful muscle on the face.
- I won’t argue with you there. So next time you see wrinkles on someone's face, remember that their muscle is super tense at that moment. The poor muscle is folded like an accordion and sits there shrunk while the owner chats to her friend, applies mascara, or reads a book.
- Oof!
- Oof! And when the poor innocent muscle, stuck in the shrunk position, gets all the blame for the wrinkles, the owner never thinks that they were the cause. That it was all their own doing!
- So you’re saying that you’re tired and wrinkly because I supposedly frown so much? But when? I’ve never noticed it…

To be continued.
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