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- Skin, so how much water should I drink?

- Skin, so how much water should I drink?
- We don’t live in Mexico and you’re not a professional athlete so 30ml for every 1kg of body weight will work for you.
- I’m 60 kilos so that means 1.8 litres?
- Exactly.
- Cool! I’m going to buy a cool carafe and a glass!
- No, you won’t get off the sofa for a few mouthfuls. You’ll end up waiting until you’re really thirsty.
- That’s true. And glasses don’t really work for me - I never finish them, but feel bad pouring them out so end up reluctantly finishing the stale water.
- So the best solution for you is to get a reusable bottle and keep it next to you.
- Ooh, I bought a 0.5l bottle of water yesterday! Good thing I didn’t bin it.
- No. Look at the bottom of it! Do you see the number one in a triangle?
- Yes.
- This kind of plastic is only suitable for single use. If you refill it, the toxins from the bottle will seep into your water.
- Ew!
- Get a glass or stainless steel bottle. Or even better, get a 2l bottle so you can track your water intake.
- No, I can’t carry that everywhere.
- Okay so on the go, a collapsible bottle will work the best.
- But nothing will fit in my handbag!
- Why don’t you get a flat one (A5 format)? There’s plenty of choice on Aliexpress among other places. Just don’t get one with a straw because your lips won’t appreciate it.
- Why not?
- It’s a sure way to get some wrinkles around the lip area.
- I see. But how do I remind myself to drink?
- There are a few options. There are bottles with time markers or apps that set reminders. There are little gadgets which vibrate or light up if you haven’t drank for a while. But for kids there are bottles with built in tamagotchi which lets them see how much they’ve drank and compete with friends.
- But how can I change up the flavour? I’ve seen ads for drops and powders… Can I use them?
- There’s no need. It’s for people who really can’t stand the taste of plain water because they’re so used to fizzy drinks like Fanta.
- But isn’t it better than drinking Fanta?
- That’s true. But even with drops, it’s best to choose the more natural ones. Or you can use fresh fruit to add flavour. There are bottles with special compartments for this reason. Try adding:
* citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit)
* berries/fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries; watermelon, melon, peach; kiwi fruit, apple, mango or pineapple)
* herbs and spices (mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, hibiscus; cinnamon, anise, cloves)
* ginger, cucumber or coconut.

Do you add anything to your water?
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