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- Skin, shall I use creams or oils?

- Skin, shall I use creams or oils?
- Creams, please.
- Why not oil?
- We did talk about it before. Oil dries me out by dissolving my protective film which is meant to prevent the moisture from leaving the skin and from all the nasties getting in. But if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s a few more arguments.

Let’s start with the most important point: skin care products are supposed to solve various skin concerns. For example:
* puffy eyes need ingredients which improve the drainage;
* week capillaries need strengthening ingredients;
* pigmentation needs some whitening ingredients + some that are able to "calm the pigmenattion process down";
* ageing skin needs stimulating ingredients;
* clogged/wide pores need something else;
* dry and irritated skin needs a few types of ingredients (to restore the protective film, to get the moisture back, etc.).
* acne prone skin needs are different from anything else.

- Wow, yeah so there’s more to it than just daily moisturizing.
- Exactly. Oils are not almighty. And this is only one side of the argument! I haven’t even touched on the pH levels, reactions of oils to sun exposure, etc.
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