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Forehead wrinkles are not due to genetics

Forehead wrinkles are not due to genetics.

We cause them ourselves whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not.

The below phrases are equally absurd:
- "I have wrinkles on forehead because my mum always had them. My frowning habit has nothing to do with it";
- "My back hurts because my grandad also had some problems with his back. It’s hereditary. It is not linked to my "man and van" job;
- "I’ve put on weight because everyone in my family is overweight. Not because my fridge is full of pizzas and pastries".

Man and van could get massages and use pain relief gels.
The overweight person can do crunches, drink slimming teas.
You can put creams and tape on your forehead. You can massage it til you pass out.


Wrinles will still be there if you continue to frown.
Slimming teas will do nothing if accompanied with a few cakes.
Massage and gel could not help if you need to lift few more sofas tonight.

It is a never ending story unless we address the cause of the problem and not the problem itself.

For example.

Loader. What caused the problem? Work.
Can it be fixed? He can find a different job.
Any other options? No.

Forehead wrinkles. What caused them? Constant frowning.
How to fix it? Control the frowning habit, get rid of it.
Are there other options for a PERMANENT result? No.

How do we get rid of the frowning habit?
Ask a friend/spouse/mum/child to watch you for an hour. Every time you frown, he/she should pinch you.

This experience helps you understand:
* how often you frown;
* when and why you do it.

Make a list of your own frowning triggers.
And try to get rid of this habit (it usually takes 3-7 days).

You decide if you want to have a wrinly forehead.
Or put some effort and get a smooth forehead in 2-3 weeks naturally (as well as hear everyone ask if you’ve got Botox).

A detailed 15 minute lesson about the forehead wrinkles is available at the 1st level of ‘Wrinkle and Puffiness School’ (as well as lessons about nose to mouth lines and skin). Register by following this link:
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