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Sun protection. Rules


Sunscreens protect our skin from Sun very well (chemical filters act like puppies, they catch and eat all the Sun rays preventing them from penetrating and causing any harm, while physical filters simply lay on the surface of the skin and reflect all the rays).


1. Chemical filters (puppies) work well for about 2 hours.
After that part of them get tired and fall asleep leaving skin unprotected, but another part is even worse: too much Sun makes them go crazy and transfor into angry, aggressive dogs (free radicals) who attack various cells/structures of the skin.

2. Physical filters (foil) are able to work for 4 hours, even 6 and more. But! Foil is so fragile, we May remove it by simply touching it, using towel, swimmimg or even the beach sand can remove it.


1. Chemical filters have to be completely removed every 2 hours of being in the Sun and reapply a fresh portion of cream.
2. Physical filters have to be reapplied after every swim, contact with a towel etc.

Yes, it does sound complicated. But majority of us does not spend more than 2 hours in the Sun.
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