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Skincare starts with..

- Skin, I am ready to take care of you! Where should I start?
- Make sure you always wash all the dirt off me.
- What would you like me to use for it?
- Definitely not soap, shower gel or some sort of 10-in-1 product. You must use cleanser that was designed for face!
- What kind? Gel, foam, milk?
- Whatever you prefer… but the foam does sound lovely. Can’t go wrong with that!
- I only need to wash the face in the evening, right?
- Evening. Morning would be nice too. Especially if you used thick overnight products like creams or masks, or if you woke up with oily skin or you’ve spent the night in a warm, stuffy room which caused you to sweat all night. Use some foam for cleansing so you can apply your morning skincare to clean and fresh skin.
- I see. If I wear makeup all day, will it be sufficient to just use the foam at night to wash it all off?
- In this case use a cleansing (hydrophilic) oil or balm.
- What is that?
- It’s a special cleansing product; apply it to dry skin, rub it in for about a minute to help dissolve any makeup and dirt and then rinse off with WARM water.
- Sounds good… but I’m not a fan of oily textures, Skin.
- Then use a balm. It’s similar in consistency to butter. Use it the same way as described above.
- And that’s it? Will you be happy with that?
- Not yet! Follow this up with the foam so I can be 100% clean.
- Great! Let’s pick a foam together!
- Okay.
- Oh… look! They all come in tubes… Can a foam really come out of a tube?
- Well, not really. Inside of those there are creams or pastes. You need to froth them up yourself.
- In between palms?
- That’s one option, but you won’t get thick and fluffy foam that way. It’s better to use special nets, sponges or foam makers.
- Sounds interesting but I’m not sure I’d do it every day.
- Then buy a ready made foam instead.

This is an answer to your question - ‘What should I begin skincare with?’. More to follow.
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