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Skin 1

SKIN. Part 1.

Imagine a 5 floor building (picture in the carousel).

1st floor. Occupied by mummies to be and kids.
2nd floor. Level of teenagers and students.
3rd floor. Full of hardworking, busy professionals.
4th floor. Mature people, they travel a lot.
5th floor. Occupied by lovely grannies, who spend time chatting to each other, drink tea with freshly baked scones. They are celebrating end of work in this big house and get ready for the retirement.

This 5 floor building is the 3rd (top) skin layer. Epidermis.

Cells are born on the 1st floor, they grow, move up, work hard on the 3rd floor, after reaching the 5th floor they retire and leave the building.

To keep this top skin layer as young and healthy for as long as possible, we need to follow 2 rules.

1. Exfoliation.
As soon as grannies (old skin cells) reach the 5th floor they must retire and fly away (we people call this retirement process- exfoliation). But the older we get, the lazier are grannies. They dont want to fly away, they prefer chatting to each. Their population starts to grow.

Thus, it is crucial to retire grannies on time!

a) The more time nans spend on the 5th floor, the older, grumpier they become → skin looks grey and old;
b) If population of grannies continue to grow → skin becomes thicker;
c) Huge amount of grannies on the 5th floor make it really hard for your expensive skin care products to penetrate into the skin and treat it.
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