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- What scrub should I treat you with today, Skin?

- What scrub should I treat you with today, skin? Raspberry or honey scrub?
- Scrub? I’ll pass, thank you.
- Why are you upset? I thought you’d be happy…
- Would you be happy if I offered to rub you with some raspberry scented sand?
- Of course not, but scrubs were created to take care of you, right?
- Okay, so to make it simple, imagine that all the exfoliators are gardeners whose job is to get rid of the weeds. Scrubs are the more rough ones who just rip the weeds out, sometimes harming other nearby plants. Enzyme peels gently weed out the bad plants and sometimes water the cleared rows. Whereas chemical peels (acids) not only gently remove the weeds, they also feed the remaining plants and fight the parasites.
- Oh okay, let's get a couple of things straight first. What are enzyme peels?
- They are similar to face masks - apply to clean skin, leave on for a couple of minutes and then wash off. Some are meant to be used once or twice a week, whereas others are for everyday use. Just check the instructions.
- Okay.. And how do acid peels work then? Are we allowed to use them at home? Will they not irritate the skin?
- Don’t worry about that yet. We’ll use the enzyme peel first and when that is finished I’ll walk you through the acid peels. Deal?
- Deal. What shall we do with the raspberry and honey scrubs? Bin?
- You can use them on your body, just avoid applying to the face. And they do smell very lovely…

* This is an excerpt from a free lesson which you watch by following this link:

Do you use scrubs? If not, what do you use instead?
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