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- Skin, why are you so dry?

- Skin, why are you so dry at the moment, both on the face and hands?
- There are several reasons but let’s start with the simplest. You wash your hands and face more often now, right?
- Yeah..
- Okay look, the skin has an oily protective film..
- I remember you saying. It protects from the harmful things and keeps the moisture locked in.
- That’s right. Every time you use water, you wash this film off. But now you do it so often that I don’t manage to restore the film. I can’t keep the moisture in which leaves you feeling tight and dry.
- And why do you get red and irritated?
- Hmm.. You see, my protective film is acidic.
- Like a lemon?
- Almost. Acidic environment is heaven for the good bacteria. But tap water is opposite to acidic. It’s alkaline, and bad bacteria love alkaline.
- I guess good bacteria could not survive in alkaline?
- Yes. So the irritation and itchiness are due to this. I’m not happy you’ve allowed bad bacteria to live on me!
- But how can I help?
- First of all, after washing IMMEDIATELY pat the face dry (with a paper towel, for example). Never let your face or body air dry because this will make the moisture evaporate from the skin too, making it feel tight and dry.
- Understood.
- Second, immediately after washing or any contact of the face with water, apply a toner to the face.
- But why? I don’t believe in toners. Can they really help?
- My protective film needs to be acidic and, if you remember, tap water is alkaline. Toners help to restore acidity and therefore the protective film.
- Okay, understood. Are there any other reasons?
- That’s enough for now. We will continue next time.
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