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- Skin, do you really need face masks?

- Hey skin, do you really need all these face masks? Maybe we can manage without one?
- Well, we can definitely manage without… after all, we’ve gone through nearly 30 years already. But it would be nice to be able to relax with a mask on from time to time since all I’m getting at the moment is all sorts of drying tonics and soaps. (Hopefully not hand soap!)
- I don’t have time to spoil you!
- So don’t. I am doing my best to still look fresh in the morning, but that’s only because I love you so much. I wont be able to do it forever and will end up looking grey and sad.
- But why? We’re not even 30 yet!
- Why, why… what do you eat, busy lady? Yesterday you scoffed down a burger, followed by some cola. The day before you inhaled a sandwich while walking! When was the last time you had fish or some parsley? How do you expect me to look bright and clear when all you’ve been eating is junk?
- I’m sorry, I just have so much work I have no time to eat properly.
- Well then please buy a facemask if we have no time for fresh food.
- But I hate washing them off! It takes almost half a day to wash one off, and then you miss a bit around the nose or it gets stuck right in the eyebrow. Sorry, but I don’t want to go through that.
- Then why do they sell all sorts of face cloths and muslins? Soak one in water and the mask comes off in just a few swipes! Remember the one that Masha brought back from Asia last year?
- The purple one?
- Yeah, that’s the one! Or get a sheet mask - put it on, wear for a bit and then just take off in a second. You won’t need to try to scrub anything off the face then.
- No, I don’t like those. They keep sliding off my face and also make me feel cold.
- Oh wow, I’m so "lucky" to have you as my owner! Why don’t you by a sheet mask holder? Nothing will slide off!
- Hmm..
- Or what about a 1 minute sheet mask? They are sold in little boxes (just like tissues) and there are about 30 masks in each! Shall we get some?
- Hmm…
- You won’t even agree to this? What if I let you have a sweet?
- So you can break out in the morning?
- Pinky promise I won’t!
- Okay, it’s a deal I can work with! :)
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