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Puffiness and sagginess


Skin has nothing to do with it, something else is to blame: its lymph. Do you know what it is?

In simple words: we have 2 main liquids in our body- blood and lymph.

⬆️ Blood "delivers food" to our skin (not only skin, of course);
⬇️ Lymph gets all "rubbish" away.

♻️ Blood runs in circles;
💧 Lymph.. Imagine a lake of lymph near your heart.
1st "river" of lymph flows from your left leg up to this lake;
2nd river flows from another leg;
3rd from one arm;
4th from the second arm;
5th river flows from our head and Face down into this lake.

❤️ Blood has a pump (our heart) which pushes it through;
🏃‍♀️ Lymph does not have any pump at all, it only moves when we contract our muscles (this is why it is recommended to have an active lifestyle; otherwise lymph will really "struggle" to move, especially up our legs).

It is obvious that lymph finds it harder to move. If there is any obstacle on its way- its even more challenging!

And if lymph gets stuck somewhere, it will lead to.. What?
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