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- Why do I have wrinkles in the morning?

- Oh no! There’s deep wrinkles between my eyebrows again! Skin, why are they so pronounced in the morning?
- Do you not remember?
- Remember what?
- You don’t remember who spoke to you at night?
- Hmm… I remember hearing a voice, as if someone was asking me to relax the brows. I thought I just imagined it. Was that you?
- No, not me, it was your eyebrow muscles.
- !?
- May I ask you to remember what you were thinking about last night?
- About the deadlines at work..
- Okay and do you think your face was relaxed thinking about it?
- Uhh, no.. I guess I was frowning.
- And guess what? You fell asleep like that. Your brows did try to wake you up but you were fast asleep, so they ended up having to spend the night all squeezed together and you woke up with a well deserved result.
- Why’s that?? I can’t control my eyebrows in my sleep!
- While you can’t do it in your sleep, you can do it before. You need to remember to relax your face and make sure you’re not frowning. After a few nights it should come naturally to you.
- What if it doesn’t work?
- It will. But you do have some tight deadlines at work so you can stick some tape on just in case.
- The tape that helps with wrinkles?
- The one that is marketed that way to make you spend money.
- But why should I use it then?
- It will help you monitor your frowning. It should also make it harder for you to squeeze your eyebrows together in your sleep so you will wake up with less noticeable marks.
- So should I use the tape every night then?
- No, you can learn to control your facial expressions yourself but when you’re going through very stressful periods it can be helpful to have this additional support.
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