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- What kind of a massager shall I buy, Skin?

- What kind of a massager shall I buy, Skin?
- What do you need it for?
- For everything! To even out the wrinkles, to improve skin colour, to make face shape more defined.
- If you expect a massager (or anything else) to fix "everything", I bet you will always be disappointed.
- What should I do then?
- Lets be more specific and work step by step. Do you want to get rid of the wrinkles on the forehead?
- Yes. What is the best massager for that?
- None.
- Here we go..
- Vast majority of massagers are aimed to remove the excess liquid from the face.
- Ohh, I guess I have excess liquid in my face, it looks puffy!
- Yes, and if you dont do anything about it, these liquids will make your face look even more puffy, heavy, saggy.
- I won’t let it happen! How do I get rid of the excess fluid?
- It’s actually easy. I know you apply your moisturiser every morning. So instead of just rubbing it in, make 10-20 stroking movements from the centre of your face to the sides (ears).
- Do I need to buy some massager for that?
- There's nothing better than your hands.
- So why were the massagers created?
- Well.. so they’d exist really. But gua sha could help if your hands get tired quickly.
- Thats it? No more benefits or advantages..?
- Unfortunately not.
- And what about rollers?
- They’re the least useful of all the massagers.
- Why?
- Have you seen how they work? Your hands and fingers can get into all the nooks and crannies of the face, but rollers are.. too big for that. But still, it’s better than nothing!
- So what kind of a massager would be best for me then?
- Honestly, just use your hands.
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