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- Skin, why does Anna always have dark under eye circles?

- Skin, why does Anna always have dark under eye circles? She doesn’t overwork herself, gets plenty of sleep and doesn’t really eat junk. Maybe it’s something internal? Should I suggest she visit her GP?
- There’s no need. Remember, she had them when she was a teen too, right?
- Ah yes… she’s had them since childhood…
- See, Anna’s under eye skin is very thin, almost see through which is why the blood vessels can be visible through it.
- So there’s no point in using anything but a concealer?
- Not exactly. She could start using eye creams with skin thickening ingredients (for example, vitamin A/retinol "makes skin cells divide quicker", that leads to more cells and thicker skin, which will be able to hide some blood vessels).
- She doesn’t believe in creams though!
- Well, as she ages the skin will continue getting thinner so the dark blue circles will appear increasingly darker.
- Really? I’ll buy her a cream myself then! And also one for Gemma!
- Why Gemma?
- Well she also has dark circles…
- Ah well, she has a different problem. She didn’t always have them and they are a slightly different colour - more purple right? Because of the stress and lack of sleep microcirculation decreased, there’s less oxygen in the blood which is why the blood appears more purple and she now has the circles. Get her a cream with stimulants like caffeine.
- And what about Jill?
- Her circles are more red in colour. Sometimes it is the issue of thin skin, but in her case the capillaries have weakened and sometimes burst. This leads to small amounts of blood seeping out which we can "see".
- What shall she do?
- Strengthen the blood vessels. Vitamin C, for example, is great for this.
- Great! I’m off to the shops to get the girls their creams!
- Wait! But what about food? You can’t fix it all by just focusing on the outside. You need to work from inside, too. If the diet lacks vitamin C, you can only dream about strong blood vessels!
- What then?
- For vitamin C get them some yellow peppers, but for A - a couple of cantaloupes.
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