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- Shall I reapply the sunscreen during the day?

- Skin, will one application of sunscreen be okay for the whole day?
- It’ll be fine for you.
- How come?
- Well the UV index in our town is rarely above 3 so you should be safe even without sunscreen.
- But what about the days when UV is above 3?
- One application in the morning will be enough for you since you’re not outside for more than 2 hours.
- But why do people say that you should top it up throughout the day?
- It’s for people who are out in the sun for more than 2 hours a day.
- What will happen if we don’t reapply the protection?
- Imagine that sunscreen contains little protectors. Half of them will get so tired protecting you for 2 hours they will just pass out but the other half you’ll rub off with your hands or clothes.
- Aha, so it turns out we really do need a new portion of protectors.
- Yes. Without them we are likely to get pigmentation. And then people wonder - ‘Oh but I always put sunscreen on but keep getting pigmentation spots!’. But thats because protectors can’t work forever, but only for 2 hours as is stated on the packaging.
- But why do some people insist that the previous layer of sunscreen should be washed off before we apply a new one?
- Because there is also the third group of protectors. They can still work for 2 hours but if you leave them for longer.. they go crazy and start attacking all the surrounding cells.
- Ugh!
- Dont worry! Just follow the 2 hour rule and you’ll be fine!
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