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£10 vs £100 cream

- Look, Skin, here’s a cream that costs £10 and here’s one that’s £100. Do you know the difference between them?
- Well, imagine a raspberry plant.
- Okay.
- On the outside there are most likely big, ripe, beautiful berries, right?
- Yes.
- They’re more sunkissed, therefore full of vitamins, antioxidants and other goodies.
- So…
- And what would you see inside of a bush?
- Berries would be small and not ripe, only just beginning to grow.
- This is because Sun really struggles to go through all the bush leaves, brunches, etc. Therefore the smaller berries do not contain the same amount of vitamins as the outer ones, they just did not have as much Sun.
- Okay, that makes sense.
- Now imagine someone has come to pick the fruit! They’ll be able to collect and sell the ripe berries for good money whereas the smaller, less ripe fruit would be sold for pennies.
- I think I’m starting to understand. The producer of the cheaper cream would not be able to afford the ripe berries that are bursting with all the goodies and would have to settle for the green ones which do not contain the same healthy benefits.
- Exactly! But in the ingredient list they would still mention raspberries just like the more expensive product.
- So the price does mean something..
- Yes, but don’t forget that even expensive products could be made of unripe fruits..
- It’s a shame we don’t know what kind of berries they used.
- Yes. And there are many more factors that impact the price of the product. I will go into more detail next time.
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