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- Skin, why has Anna’s skin become dry and irritated?

- Skin, why has Anna’s skin become dry and a bit irritated? She’s not changed any makeup and is eating the same. The only difference is that she’s started massaging the face regularly. Could that be it?
- What does she put on her face? Oil?
- Well yeah, remember we got that almond oil together?
- I remember. And after the massage she doesn’t wash it off?
- Why would she? It’s moisturising and full of goodies.
- There you go. The oil has dried out the skin, not the massage.
- Are you joking?
- No. Look, there is something like a protective film at the top of our skin. It does not let anything bad to penetrate into the skin (bad bacteria, toxins, dirt, etc.) and it also does not let the water evaporate from the skin, it "locks" it inside. And this protective film is made of oils.
- So.. Almond oil must make this protective film even stronger!
- Unfortunately not.. this film consists of certain oils in certain proportions. Only that specific mixture is able to to protect skin from invaders and lock the moisture in.
But any other oil (almond oil, coconut oil, special massage oil, etc.) are completely different from the skins oil.
- So.. When we apply any oil to our face it mixes up with our skins oil?
- Correct! So our protective film is now a weird mix which does not have the same features, it cant stop invaders, it cant lock the water in.
- So, we kind of get holes in our protective film..
- Exactly! It is ok to use oils occasionally, but doing it on a daily basis will ruin skins natural protective film. Bad stuff will be free to enter the skin (thus the irritation appears) + water will happily evaporate leaving skin dry (since nothing locks it in).
- So.. shall she stop using oils?
- If she washes the oil off after the massage, it is ok. Just tell her to avoid using it on a daily basis (instead of moisturiser, for example).
- Wait! Jill uses coconut oil every day and says it is the best thing ever!
- We are all different. Some peoples skin may lack "certain ingredients". Coconut oil fulfilled the specific needs of Jills skin. It made Jill believe that coconut oil is the holy grail of skincare, but others won’t see the same benefits as she did. Does this make sense?
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